About C.a.m.p.

C.A.M.P. is a nonprofit organization seeking to foster faith-based artistry and craftsmanship through mentorship and intense instruction and classes.
Providing a creative environment where students can connect and grow in their Art/Craft through Christian faith, artistic community, and the mentorship of professional artists.

CAMP will guide youth (High School age) whose faith drives them to further develop their creative gifts and find a deeper understanding of their Savior.

C.A.M.P. seeks to prepare students for careers in the arts and a deeper relationship with their God.  CAMP-ers will be united in small-to-medium sized groups (15-25) according to their primary discipline. 

They will be mentored and taught by professional Christian artists and teachers. Mentors will have a proven record of artistry, creativity and a faithful, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


  • Christian teens don’t always know how their art and faith can coexist. CAMP offers a foundation for a life of artistic expression lived out in faith, and provides a mentor for the journey.

    C.A.M.P.’s purpose is to provide a safe, creative place for high school age students to explore creativity, craftsmanship and artistic skills under the guidance of Christian mentor artists. 

  • This network will help to service and attract a wide variety of diverse, artistic, Christian Youth. Some of the disciplines C.A.M.P. will seek out partnerships and support from like-minded Christian organizations, churches and professional Christian artists. 

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