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    Candidates to Fill Our Board of Directors

    Seeking passionate collaborators as we embark to start and shape C.A.M.P.  Ideal candidates would have a passion for Christian teens, the arts, and ministry building.  Skills in development, marketing, and fund raising are also desirable.  Additionally, an understanding of summer camps and arts intensive training is valuable. This position will have some active responsibilities especially as we endeavor to hold our first session by the summer of 2019.   

    Expected commitment would ideally be for 3 years and over the next 24 months would be to attend online Board meetings monthly.  Collaborate on a strategic 3-5 year plan for C.A.M.P.  Work to help build our network of teacher/mentors.  Assist in the development of our marketing materials and strategies.  Reach out to churches, denominations, Christian and Arts organizations in order to make them aware of our program.   

    Where we are at currently – We currently have a small Board consisting of myself, my wife - Merianne, and Tina Emberger, Anna Harris, Doug Eltzroth, Dave Harris, Spencer Lee, Christina Thorn, McNair Wilson.  We are registered non-profit through the IRS.  We have developed a basic mission framework and value statement, but need help to develop our materials further, raise money to make this C.A.M.P. viable.

    We understand as an individual you may not possess all the desired experience or knowledge listed above, which is why we are seeking several Board Members to hopefully create a well rounded and multi-faceted group of people whose gifts complement each other’s as we build this C.A.M.P. together.

    If you believe your experience and your talents could be of great benefit to our Board as we continue to shape C.A.M.P. please contact me:

    Kris Dietrich, C.A.M.P. Board of Directors President


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